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Billing and Pricing Information

This was the winter that refused to end!

Although spring officially arrived on March 20th, winter weather still prevailed. During March, temperatures were 22.7 percent colder than normal and 7.2 percent colder than last March. The colder weather is likely to contribute to your natural gas usage and increase your bill.

While we can’t control the weather, we can recommend some actions:

  • Avoid the high spikes in your monthly bills by enrolling in the budget plan. It allows you to spread the cost of your usage over twelve months. You can enroll at My Account.
  • Find energy saving tips at our Conserve to Preserve Dashboard. You'll get customized recommendations and learn about special incentives to make energy-efficient upgrades more affordable. Many other conservation suggestions can be found at Energy-Savings Tips for Your Home.
  • Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your contract if you purchase natural gas from a third-party supplier through our Energy Choice program.

If you are having difficulty paying your NJNG bill, we are here to help. Visit My Account or call 800-221-0051 to make payment arrangements and find out if you qualify for energy-assistance programs.

Components of Your Bill 

NJNG residential customers receive a monthly bill that includes the cost of the natural gas used, referred to as basic gas supply service, the delivery of the natural gas and a customer charge. You will receive an actual bill any month your meter is read and a calculated bill any month your meter is not read. All calculated bills are based on the past usage history of your account. If you move into a recently built house or apartment with no usage history, we estimate the bill based upon the number and size of your appliances.

Basic Gas Supply Service (BGSS)
This is the cost of the natural gas used by residential customers. NJNG’s purchase price is directly passed on to our customers; NJNG does not make a profit on the sale of natural gas. For residential customers considering a third-party supplier, this price represents the "price to compare."

Delivery Charge (DEL)
This fee is for the delivery of natural gas and the maintenance of the distribution system. It also includes approved price adjustments related to balancing natural gas deliveries with consumption, normalizing weather variances and funding societal benefits programs, such as environmental improvements and New Jersey's Clean Energy Program.

Customer Charge
This fee covers a portion of the costs to connect and maintain an account on NJNG’s system, such as the service line to your home, the meter, meter reading and billing. 

Approved Prices
All prices are regulated and approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

Residential Prices

Take control of your home's energy costs.
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