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Energy-saving Lighting Fair
Superstorm Sandy Incentives
Discounts Available on Energy-saving Products
Appliance Rebates from New Jersey's Clean Energy Program™ 
The Energy Guardian® Kits

Light Up Your Life with ENERGY STAR®

We are bringing you bright ideas for savings as we host another discounted Energy-saving Lighting Fair from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ (NJCEP). Here you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a wide range of ENERGY STAR®-qualified LED bulbs, lighting fixtures and other energy-saving products at deeply discounted prices.

This event is free and open to the public. So, please stop by.

Friday, December 11, 2015
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
NJNG Headquarters
1415 Wyckoff Road, Wall

Make sure to take a bite out of your electric bill with the LED four-pack combo special (10-watt LED, equivalent to 60-watt output) for only $10. What a deal!

The TechniArt team will be on site to provide education and information
about ENERGY STAR lighting and products. And members of NJNG’s The SAVEGREEN Project® will let you know about NJCEP and NJNG’s energy-efficiency rebates and incentives. We’ll also have information on energy assistance and free tools and resources to help customers make wise energy choices. 

Click here for the event flier to view a selection of available products.


NJNG launched The SAVEGREEN Project in support of its ongoing effort to provide  customers with the knowledge they need and the money-saving incentives they desire to make the right energy choices for their families, homes, businesses and communities.

It all starts with a call to SAVEGREEN at 877-455-NJNG (6564). You can speak with an NJNG representative who will answer your questions and help determine the best option for you. (Or visit and fill out a request form to receive more information.) 
  • Want to take a whole-house approach to energy efficiency? Start with a comprehensive Home Energy Audit; we can provide a list of Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified, participating Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) contractors. Using advanced diagnostic equipment, the contractor evaluates your heating and cooling equipment, inspects insulation levels and identifies air-sealing opportunities in your home.*
  • After the audit, you will receive a list of recommended energy-efficiency measures, along with information on SAVEGREEN incentives that may help you pay for the recommended work.
  • Call us at 877-455-NJNG (6564) to learn about FREE Audits for income-qualified customers.
The results of your Home Energy Audit will determine your eligibility for various SAVEGREEN incentives, brought to you in partnership with NJNG and New Jersey's Clean Energy Program (NJCEP). The more energy-saving measures you install, the greater the incentive you may be eligible to receive, including generous HPwES rebates and high-efficiency equipment rebates and incentives up to $19,000. 

Act now to take advantage of these great rebates brought to you by NJNG and NJCEP.

If you are simply looking to replace your furnace/boiler and water heater, use a qualified contractor to install high-efficient equipment and receive individual equipment rebates from NJNG and NJCEP:

Rebate Source
Equipment Efficiency Requirement NJNG NJCEP
Furnace ≥ 95% AFUE $500   $250
Furnace ≥ 97% AFUE                $500 $500

Hydronic ≥ 90% AFUE, Steam ≥ 82% AFUE

$500 $300
Boiler Indirect and/or Combo Unit 85% AFUE $500 $900
Water Heater ≥ .67 UEF Power-vented. Tankless $100 $500
Central Air Conditioning Check NJCEP Website for rebate requirements, terms and conditions N/A

Use a participating contractor to install a qualifying furnace or boiler AND qualifying water heater. And you have even more options -- with incentives up to $7,400. (Equipment must meet energy-efficiency requirements listed above.) 

Receive either an NJNG $600 rebate OR apply for up to $6,500 at 0% APR for five years through NJNG's On-Bill Repayment Program. Plus, you'll also receive a $900 rebate from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program for either option. Call or e-mail the SAVEGREEN team and we'll help you decide which path to savings is right for you.
Whole-House Approach Energy-Efficiency Rebates and Incentives

Get up to $19,000 in rebates and incentives to help make your whole house more energy-efficient. Work with an HPwES contractor and you could receive rebates up to $4,000 based on the total energy savings achieved in your home. Plus, you may be eligible for financing up to $15,000 including a 0% APR On-Bill Repayment option with no fees, points or closing costs! Exclusions may apply. Click here to contact SAVEGREEN for more information.

Superstorm Sandy Incentives

Discounts Available on Energy-saving Products

We've built an energy-savings store just for NJNG customers where you can find discounted deals on lighting fixtures and bulbs, air sealing and insulation products, thermostats, water-related products, carbon monoxide detectors and more.  Additionally, you may even qualify for free shipping.

New Jersey's Clean Energy Program discounts the lighting products while NJNG provides the discounts on other energy-saving items! This combined store makes it easier for you to improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money.  NJNG makes no profit on these sales - we're simply helping you save energy and money!

Be sure to check back frequently because NJNG periodically offers an even deeper discount on some featured products. When you sign up for our FREE E-Tips service through My Account, you'll be notified about new discounts, products and energy-saving programs when they are announce.

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Appliance Rebates for New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program often features additional rebates on other energy savings products. Current offers can be found online. Be sure to sign up for our FREE E-tips service to make sure you find out when new offers are posted.

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The Energy Guardian® Kits
A special discount offer for NJNG customers

One of the most significant sources of energy loss in your home is one you may have never thought about - your attic entrance.

Whether a small push up model, side wall panel, pull down stairway or ladder, your attic entrance can make a big hole in your energy budget. This energy loss not only costs you money, it can also make your home uncomfortable - creating drafts and uneven temperatures.
If your attic entrance is not well insulated and able to close with a tight seal, then heat (or cool air in summer) escapes and your energy dollars are wasted.

That's where products like The Energy Guardian® Kits may help. These special covers insulate and seal any type of attic entrance. Lightweight and easy to use, you can install them yourself, or have an installer do it for you.

For more information or to place your order, visit or call 877-ESS-4NRG. Enter coupon code NJNG0809 when ordering by phone or online and you'll receive a $20 discount!

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Conserve to Preserve Business Online
Improve the energy efficiency of your business with this free service.