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How to Read My Meter

Reading your natural gas meter is easy!  NJNG uses two kinds of meters.

If you have a direct dial meter that reads like a digital clock, simply record the numbers in the order they appear.

However, the most common meter has four to six clock-type dials as shown below. Be sure to read the dials from left to right.

If the dial hand is not directly on a number, record the lower number. In the example, dial B reads “9” and dial D reads “2.”

When a hand is directly on a number, always check the dial to the right. If the hand on the right is NOT ON OR PASS ZERO, record the preceding number. For example, the hand on dial B is not on or pass zero, therefore, dial A would read “2.” Dial D has passed zero, therefore, dial C would read “3.”

meter reading
The meter in this diagram reads 2932.

You can figure out your natural gas usage by subtracting your last meter read from your current read.

Meter Tampering Is Illegal
Tampering with natural gas meters and piping endangers the lives and property of yourself and others. This act may lead to discontinued service, criminal prosecution or both.

Ultimately, this unlawful act affects everyone. If you know of someone tampering with natural gas lines or meters, please call us at 800-631-6041. All information will be kept confidential.