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The following is a list of commonly used terms for your reference.

AMR (Automated Meter Reading Device)
Allows for daily metering. Requirement for Firm Transportation (FT) and Interruptible Service (IS) classifications.

BPU (Board of Public Utilities)
The governing body that oversees New Jersey utilities.

BTU (British Thermal Unit)
The quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at or near 39.2F.

The maximum quantity of natural gas that can be transported in a given period of time.

The settlement of positive or negative differences (imbalance) between actual nominations and actual use on aggregate Firm Transportation (FT) and Interruptible Service (IS) transportation customers.

City Gate
The inter-connection between the facilities of an local distribution company (LDC), such as NJNG, and an interstate pipeline where the LDC takes possession of the gas.

FT Demand Charge
Under the Firm Transportation (FT) service classification, the demand charge is the amount per therm that is applied to the Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ).

GSL Demand Charge
Under the General Service Large (GSL) service classification, the demand charge is the amount per therm that is applied to the Highest Monthly Average Daily Usage (HMAD).

Demand Charge
A monthly charge per tariff or contract and paid even if the customer uses no gas.

DTH (Dekatherm)
A unit of heating equivalent to 10 therms.

Electronic Data Exchange.

HMAD (Highest Monthly Average Daily)
The HMAD represents the highest daily usage a customer could have in one month.

MDQ (Maximum Daily Quantity)
Calculation for amount of gas customer used on their peak day. This is meter specific and applies to Firm Transportation (FT) customers.

A unit of heat equivalent to 100,000 BTU's.