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Gas Meter Safety

NJNG meters are typically located outside your home about two feet above ground level. For meter reading and other safety purposes, your meter needs to be unobstructed at all times (see illustration, below). 


If you’ve recently had landscaping done and noticed the valve going into your meter on the side of your house or business appears partially buried or you cannot see it at all, chances are it is buried or obstructed beneath the soil line. Call us at 800-221-0051 and say “Meter” at the voice prompt. NJNG will replace the service line valve and bring it to the proper height at no cost to you. For safety reasons, please don’t attempt to dig up a service line valve yourself.

Does your natural gas meter outside your house look like this, in the video below

Keep Your Natural Gas Meter Accessible

Please keep the area surrounding your meter free of overgrown plants or obstructions, including: 

  • Building a deck over the meter
  • Boxing the meter in with wood, composite materials, etc.
  • Planting bushes too close
  • Back-filling or changing the soil grade can restrict access to your meter, and prevent our meter readers and technicians from accessing your service line valve and meter during routine maintenance and in case of an emergency.

Spring Meter Safety Tips 

  • Ensure there is a clear path to your natural gas meter and regulator for access by NJNG employees
  • Never tie anything to a meter or its piping, including a dog leash, or wires commonly used by contractors (i.e., guy and ground wires).
  • Do not use sharp tools or instruments on or near the meter
  • Use caution when mowing your lawn or operating other equipment around your meter
  • Don’t lean ladders or metal objects against the meter 

Winter Meter Safety Tips 

  • Keep your meter, piping and vents clear and free of snow, ice, debris and other obstructions
  • Gently remove any snow from your meter using a broom
  • Carefully remove any ice hanging above your meter

If you feel your natural gas meter is in an unsafe location, such as too close to a driveway or under a deck, call us at 800-221-0051 and say "meter" when prompted. An NJNG representative will then schedule an appointment to look at your meter.