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Third-Party Natural Gas Suppliers

The natural gas suppliers listed below are licensed by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) to operate in New Jersey and are eligible to enroll customers served by NJNG. The last column indicates the type of customers served by the supplier: residential (R), commercial (C) or both (R/C).

Suppliers may not always have offers available. Click the link to a supplier’s Web site, or contact them, to learn more about their price offer, terms and conditions. For more information and questions to ask when Energy Choice shopping, visit the Web sites for the BPU or New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel.

Agera Energy LLC 844-692-4372 R/C
Alpha Gas and Electric 845-810-0088 R/C
Ambit Energy 877-282-6248 R/C
American Power & Gas of NJ, LLC 888-815-6971 R/C
Amerigreen Energy Inc 717-665-1402 C
Clearview Electric Inc. 800-746-4702 R/C
Compass Energy Gas Services, LLC 908-638-6605 C
Constellation Energy Gas Choice Inc.  800-785-4373 R/C
Constellation New Energy-Gas Division LLC 502-426-4500 C
Consolidated Edison Solutions Inc.  888-210-8899 R/C
Core Energy   877-329-3495 R/C
Direct Energy Business Marketing, LLC 732-750-6000 C
Direct Energy Services LLC  888-734-0741 R/C
Dominion Energy Solutions 866-275-4240 R/C
Energy Plus Natural Gas, LP 877-320-0356 R/C
Entrust Energy  888-521-5861 R/C
Everyday Energy NJ LLC d/b/a Energy Rewards 888-354-4415 R/C
Frontier Utilities Northeast LLC 877-636-3450 R/C
Gateway Energy Services Corp. 800-805-8586 R/C
718-536-3000 C
Great Eastern Energy 888-651-4121 R/C
Harborside Energy, LLC  877-940-3835 R
Hiko Energy,  LLC 845-406-9100 R/C
Hudson Energy Services, LLC 877-HUDSON9 R/C
IDT Energy Inc.  877-887-6866 R/C
Infinite Energy d/b/a Intelligent Energy 877-483-4684 R/C
Major Energy Services LLC  888-625-6760 R/C
Mansfield Power and Gas LLC 800-695-6626 C
Marathon Power LLC 888-779-7255 R/C
MPower Energy NJ, LLC 877-286-7693 R/C
NATGASCO d/b/a Supreme Energy, Inc 800-840-4GAS R/C
North American Power and Gas, LLC  203-939-1155 R/C
Palmco Energy NJ, LLC 877-726-5862 R/C
Plymouth Rock Energy, LLC  855-327-6937 R/C
Residents Energy LLC  888-828-7374 R/C
SFE Energy NJ  Inc  877-316-6344 R/C
South Jersey Energy Company 800-266-6020 C
SouthStar Energy Services LLC  d/b/a New Jersey Energy  800-840-8241 R/C
Sprague Energy 603-431-1000 C
Spring Energy RRH, LLC d/b/a Spring Power & Gas 888-710-4782 R/C
Stream Energy New Jersey LLC 877-369-8150 R/C
Systrum Energy 877-797-8786 R/C
Talen Energy Marketing LLC 888-289-7693 C
UGI Energy Services Inc. 856-273-9995 C
U.S. Gas & Electric Inc. d/b/a New Jersey Gas & Electric 866-568-0290 R/C
Verde Energy USA Inc.  800-388-3862 R/C
Viridian Energy NJ, LLC 866-657-8617 R/C
Woodruff Energy US, LLC 800-557-1121 R/C
XOOM Energy New Jersey LLC 888-997-8979 R/C
Updated May 24, 2016