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About Equal Pay

Help balance your natural gas bills with Equal Pay (Equal Payment Plan) by spreading your estimated annual natural gas costs over 12 monthly payments. Each month you'll know the exact amount of your monthly payment.

  • Enrolling is easy - Log in to My Account to enroll online. Alternately, you can pay the "Equal Pay Option" amount listed on the lower right side of your bill along with any other non-gas charges by the due date. You will automatically be enrolled in the Equal Payment Plan with that bill. Past due balances must be paid in full and your account must be current before you can enroll.
  • Calculating your Equal Payment Plan amount - We estimate your natural gas usage, adjusted for anticipated changes in natural gas prices, divided over 12 months. 
  • Equal Payment Plan year ends in July - Our Equal Payment Plan runs from August through July of the following year. At the end of this period, we calculate your total usage and actual charges incurred and subtract your Equal Pay charges to determine any remaining balance or credit for the period you were enrolled. We then either credit your account or bill you for the balance due. Your Equal Pay amount is then re-calculated and automatically renews for the next plan period. 

    You can enroll at any time. However, if you do so in the middle of the plan period, you will not have made 12 months of payments. To compensate for that missed time, the Equal Pay amount on your bill may increase between November and January to ensure forecasted payments better reflect your energy usage.
  • Mid-Year Equal Payment Plan Review - We review your plan amount in January or February to address changes in natural gas prices, as well as changes in usage and weather patterns during the winter months. As a result, you may notice an adjusted plan amount on your February or March bill. The new plan amount reflects the approximate amount needed each month to cover your natural gas costs for the remainder of the plan year.
  • If you miss payments - To remain enrolled in Equal Pay, you must pay your bill — plan amount and other non-gas charges — by the due date every month. If you miss more than two consecutive payments, you will automatically be taken off the Equal Payment Plan. To go back on Equal Pay, the total amount of your actual balance must be paid in full. Once your account is current, simply pay the "Equal Pay Option" amount with the following bill by the due date to rejoin the Equal Payment Plan.
  • Paying more or less than the plan amount - The Equal Pay billing option only anticipates receiving exact plan payments along with any other non-gas charges. Paying more or less than the exact plan amount creates incorrect Equal Pay information on your account. If you have paid a different amount, please contact us so we can correct your Equal Payment Plan amount.