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Excess Flow Valve FAQs

  • Will an EFV protect against all types of natural gas leaks?

    • No. An EFV is designed to prevent continuous natural gas flow on a service line after it has sustained damage that results in a leak sufficient in size to cause the valve to activate and stop flow.

      Installation of an EFV will not protect against customer appliance or equipment malfunction, customer houseline natural gas leaks, small punctures in the underground pipe or natural gas meter leaks. An EFV may not protect against damage to pipelines from earthquakes or flooding. It's also important to understand an EFV doesn't shut off the flow of natural gas completely. Some leakage may still occur and result in a hazardous condition. Anyone performing an excavation is responsible for immediately contacting NJNG at 800-GAS-LEAK (427-5325) to report any damage to natural gas facilities irrespective of whether an EFV has been installed.

      EFVs do not protect against leaks beyond your meter. If you smell natural gas inside your home, leave immediately and from a safe location call 911 then NJNG at 800-GAS-LEAK (427-5325).

  • Will the installation of an EFV increase my natural gas consumption and bill?

    • No, installing an EFV will neither increase nor decrease natural gas consumption at your home or business.
  • I have a natural gas pool heater/generator. Can I still have an EFV installed at my home?

    • In general, a natural gas pool heater or generator will not prevent having an EFV installed at your home. However, NJNG will need to make the final determination.
  • How do I know if I currently have an EFV?

    • Since 1993-94, NJNG has been installing EFVs on all new or renewed services to single-family residences. Therefore, many NJNG customers already have an EFV installed on their existing service line.

      To determine if your service includes an EFV, check your natural gas meter for a tag like the image shown here. Keep in mind the tag may have fallen off.


  • If it is determined I do not have an EFV how can I request one?

    • Where EFVs were not previously required to be installed by law, you have the right to request an EFV be installed at your expense.

      You can request an EFV by e-mail or with a call to 732-905-4346. Remember to include your name, service address, NJNG account number and the best phone number and/or e-mail where we can reach you. Once received, NJNG personnel will determine whether an EFV can be installed at your premises. In some cases, EFVs cannot be installed due to insufficient pressure at the distribution main or a service line that exceeds the maximum allowable length. Each situation will be evaluated upon request. An NJNG representative will review your request and respond accordingly.

  • I live in an apartment complex. Can EFVs be installed at multifamily dwellings?

    • Yes, EFVs are also designed for multifamily residences that do not exceed volume restrictions.
  • How much will it cost to have an EFV installed at my home or business?

    • Once a request is made by the customer, an NJNG employee will visit the site and prepare an estimate. The cost will vary, depending on the difficulty of the installation. Customers can expect the cost to range from $1,200 to $2,500.
  • Why do I have to pay for the EFV?

    • In 1993-94, NJNG was mandated by the BPU to install EFVs on all new or renewed services to single-family residences. Where an EFV installation was not previously required by federal or state law, you have the option to request an EFV at your expense.
  • Who will install the EFV?

    • NJNG or one of its contractors will handle the installation.
  • Where will you install the EFV?

    • The EFV will be installed on your service line as close as possible to NJNG’s main natural gas line.
  • What happens during the installation process?

    • The installation of an EFV will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date pending the approval of municipal permits. Installation requires our excavator to call 811 to have your existing underground utility lines marked prior to the installation. Your natural gas service will be temporarily interrupted during the installation process, which takes approximately half a day. Once installation is completed, your natural gas appliances will be turned back on by NJNG personnel. All customer property will be restored to its original condition.
  • Can I take the EFV?

    • No. Once installed, the EFV becomes part of NJNG’s natural gas distribution system and NJNG will be responsible to maintain and, if needed, replace the EFV at no cost to you.