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Distributed Generation

NJNG is pleased to provide you with information on natural gas products that can serve your current and future electricity needs. Our Distributed Generation Team is your source for information about on-site electric generation with natural gas at your business or home.

Distributed Generation - The process of generating electricity at or near the point of use. Examples of distributed generation include solar energy and wind-powered systems, as well as natural gas-fueled technologies.

NJNG has a special pricing plan for commercial and residential customers who install distributed generation. The specific rate is called Distributed Generation Service-Residential and Distributed Generation Service-Commercial, and more details are located in our tariff. Under the new tariff, an average commercial customer could save up to 50 percent and a residential customer up to 40 percent on the delivery charges for natural gas. Be sure to discuss this rate with your NJNG representative.

Think of us when you need guidance and support for your energy decisions. We can help with information on equipment, product manufacturers, distributors, and other resources.

Distributed generation provides electricity for your home or business through the use of small-scale power generation technology. A number of technologies fueled by natural gas are available now, including reciprocating engines, fuel cells, and microturbines.

These technologies use natural gas to produce electricity in an environmentally friendly way. Among their many advantages, they offer customers control of their electric supply, as well as improved power quality and reliability.

Certain technologies are better for different applications. We can help you to choose the products and approaches that will work best for you. 

Interested in more information?

Contact our Distributed Generation Team at Send us your questions! We are glad to be of assistance. 

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