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Construction on Your Street


Work in Your Community

From time to time, you may see New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) crews and contractors doing construction to install or improve our natural gas system in your community. This work is part of our ongoing commitment to providing safe and reliable natural gas service. If you do not already have natural gas, this work may provide you and your neighbors the opportunity to convert to clean, energy-efficient natural gas to heat your home and fuel your appliances.

Our crews may be in your neighborhood for several weeks. The project may require the use of heavy equipment such as tractors, backhoes and construction materials. You’ll also see safety equipment and other materials in your community. There may be short-term traffic disruptions, detours or parking restrictions. We will make every effort to minimize possible inconveniences to you and your neighbors.

Because communication with the communities where we may be working is important to us, we do our best to post the most up-to-date information about our work plans:

Planned Construction, Week of July 22, 2024

Call Before You Dig

State law requires that underground public utility lines and facilities in your neighborhood, and possibly on your property, must be marked prior to digging to help avoid construction damages.

The location of underground public utility lines are marked with color-coded spray paint or flags so NJNG crews and contractors know where they are located. Any alteration or removal of markings or flags is prohibited until all work is completed.

Since private underground facilities (sprinkler systems, sewer lines, invisible fencing, low-voltage lighting, etc.) are not covered by the state-mandated markout, any information that you can provide to us regarding their location on your property will help minimize damage and delays. Also let us know about any underground oil or propane tanks as well as septic systems on the property.
digging trench
During Construction

NJNG will dig trenches and install natural gas mains and services in your area. Natural gas mains may be installed off the road in a municipal right-of-way* in front of your house. This is necessary in order to bring or improve natural gas service to your neighborhood.

While construction is in progress, crews may dig holes and leave them open during the day. Trenches and holes will be clearly marked with orange cones and/or safety fencing.

If your natural gas service is interrupted during construction, please contact NJNG at 800-221-0051. We will promptly restore service and relight your appliances.

*A strip of land, typically 10 feet from the curb or road, set aside by the municipality for the construction and operation of utilities.

Restoring Your Neighborhood 

During construction, there’s a chance that digging or heavy equipment may disturb your property. We will do our best to minimize these disturbances and restore the affected areas as soon as construction is completed.

NJNG will attempt to restore all lawn and garden areas affected by the installation of natural gas mains and services. Seeding, as necessary, is part of the restoration process. Please remember to water so the new grass can grow.

Depending on weather conditions, temporary lawn restoration may be required. For example, in the winter grass may not grow, so we’ll return in the spring to reseed.

Temporary paving and sidewalk restoration may be necessary to allow for possible ground settlement. Generally, temporary sidewalks (concrete) and paving, for example, will be permanently restored within eight to ten weeks.

restoring property
Helpful Hints

All NJNG personnel and contractors working in your neighborhood are trained and certified.

Don’t hesitate to talk to the construction crews on-site. Often, the crew leader can provide details, such as where the pipe will be installed or when construction is expected to be complete.

When our work involves installing new natural gas mains to bring service to your neighborhood, it’s an excellent time to convert your home to competitively priced natural gas. If you decide in the future to convert to natural gas, additional construction will be necessary to install a service line from the natural gas main to your home. Contact our marketing department at 800-221-0051 (at the prompt say natural gas conversion) to learn more about special offers and rebates that may be available to assist you in the conversion process.

Thank you for helping us complete our work safely and efficiently. For more than 65 years we have worked in your neighborhoods, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you