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Consumer Protection

Your Rights as an Energy Consumer

Through New Jersey Energy Choice, third-party suppliers must meet strict reliability standards and state requirements that protect consumers. These include laws related to switching your energy account without your consent, service and other consumer rights. Additionally, all energy suppliers must have a license issued by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU).

No Switching without Your Consent

You are protected by strong "anti-slamming" laws, which do not allow your service to be switched to another supplier without your consent. If you feel you have been misled or "slammed," or have a question about a supplier's license, contact the BPU at 800-624-0241. If calling from out of state, dial 609-341-9188.

Additional NJNG Safeguards

When switching natural gas suppliers, you’ll need to provide the new company with your NJNG account number. Note NJNG does not share customer account numbers with third-party suppliers. Neither you nor members of your household should disclose your NJNG account number unless you are consenting to a change in your natural gas supplier. However, we’ll notify you via mail when your account is switched over to another natural gas supplier. 

Ask for Identification

NJNG does not engage in door-to-door Energy Choice sales, nor do we hire a third party to do so. For your protection, we suggest you ask anyone who comes to your door for photo identification.  All NJNG representatives carry photo identification. You may contact other natural gas suppliers directly for information about their employee identification policy.

Energy Choice Consumer Rights

The BPU has established the following customer rights regarding supplier choice:

  1. You have the right to be told, both in advertising and in contracts, the price per therm over the term of the contract, projected savings and the period of time for which the price is valid. 
  2. If your supplier does not offer a fixed price, you have the right to receive price comparisons between the supplier's price and the price to compare/basic gas supply charge.
  3. Your contract must include a complete list of fees, including contract termination penalties, late fees and interest charges, including the amount and circumstances for when they impose these fees.
  4. Your contract must explicitly show prices for services other than natural gas supply and must identify those prices separately.
  5. You may not be charged a fee to switch to or from a new supplier.
  6. You cannot be denied natural gas service because of your race, color, national origin, age, gender, religion, source of income, receipt of public benefits, family status, sexual preference or geographic location within the service territory of a natural gas distribution company.
  7. If a deposit is required, the money must be held in escrow and you must receive a receipt.
  8. You have the right to choose a new supplier, at any time, subject to your contract terms. Business customers who return to basic gas supply service may be prohibited under certain conditions from switching again for a 1-year period; residential customers are not subject to the 1-year minimum. 
  9. Your natural gas distributor must confirm, in writing, your decision to choose a new supplier. As a residential customer, you have seven days to notify your natural gas distributor you have changed your mind. 
  10. You can’t have your supplier changed without your express consent either in writing or through Internet enrollment. Slamming is prohibited by law. 
  11. If you are slammed, you must pay only what you would have paid had your natural gas service not been switched without your authorization. 
  12. You have the right to call upon the BPU to investigate your complaints or inquiries. Your service may not be terminated for nonpayment of disputed charges during a BPU investigation.
  13. You must receive written notice at least 30 days in advance that a supplier intends to terminate your service and, as part of your contract, the circumstances under which your service can be terminated.
  14. If you are receiving natural gas and electric supply from a single supplier, failure to make payment for one cannot result in termination of the other, unless your contract explicitly permits it. 
  15. You have the right to terminate your contract with 48 hours notice to your supplier if you move to the territory of a different natural gas distributor. 
  16. You have the right to have your personal or business records kept confidential by the supplier and by your natural gas distributor unless you give consent to have them disclosed, except in relation to government aggregation programs pursuant to N.J.S.A. 48:3-49 et seq. 
  17. You have the right to have your personal or business records kept confidential by the supplier, and by your electric distribution company or natural gas distributor, unless you give written or electronic consent to have them disclosed, except in relation to government aggregation programs pursuant to N.J.S.A 48:3-49 et seq.

If you have any questions about your rights as a customer, please call the BPU at 800-624-0241. If calling from out of state, dial 609-341-9188.

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