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Standby Generator

Planning on purchasing a standby generator or pool heater?

Let NJNG help you get started. Before making a purchase, contact us first to find out if your home/business and NJNG’s system and service lines can support a new natural gas generator or other natural gas appliance like a pool heater.

Please complete and submit the form below. This information will help ensure our service line, meter and regulator are able to provide adequate natural gas supply and pressure to properly run your new generator or pool heater in addition to your current household equipment.

Once we receive your online request, you will be sent an e-mail with the results of our review within 15 business days. Charges may apply in the event NJNG finds it necessary to upgrade your meter and/or service to accommodate your generator. Please allow approximately six weeks for this upgrade work to be completed.

Please note: Incomplete and/or incorrect information will delay the review process and upgrade work. Please have your contractor provide the technical information on this form. 

Contractors: Standard delivery pressure is 8” water column (wc). If required fuel pressure to the generator fuel inlet is greater than 8” wc, NJNG will provide 2 pounds per square inch gauge (PSIG) at the outlet side of the meter set and installation of step down regulator(s) to match equipment specifications will be required by the customer/contractor. If 2 PSIG is required, a request must be submitted via e-mail in addition to the form below.

Adding a Pool Heater?

Please contact Customer Service at 800-221-0051 and say “pool heater” for assistance with adding a new pool heater.


Required Field Required Fields

Contact Information:
Title is a Required Field Title  

EXAMPLE: (123456789101) Please enter your twelve-digit account number without dashes.
EXAMPLE: ###-###-####
EXAMPLE: ###-###-####
EXAMPLE: #####
Contractor/ Installer:
EXAMPLE: ###-###-####
Existing Natural Gas Appliances:

Enter the BTU input for your Existing Natural Gas Appliances in the fields below, this information can be found on your equipment or in your equipment manual.

EXAMPLE: 30,000 BTUs (If there are multiple units/zones in your home, please use total of all units.)
EXAMPLE: 30,000 BTUs
EXAMPLE: 10,000 BTUs
EXAMPLE: 10,000 BTUs
EXAMPLE: 12,000 BTUs
EXAMPLE: 40,000 BTUs NOTE: We assume your Natural Gas Pool Heater will not be running during an emergency.
Specify (i.e., grill, firepit, etc.)
Generator Information:
Requested Fuel Pressure at Outlet Side of Meterset Required Field Requested Fuel Pressure at Outlet Side of Meterset  

Elevated pressure may be necessary for generators larger than 24KW, or when the distance between the generator and meter is greater than 75 ft. Other instances may arise that necessitate increased pressure. Customers/contractors must be made aware that they are responsible for installing step-down regulators if they request 2 PSIG.

Please check the box acknowledging you understand the statement above.  

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